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Founder's Message

To begin with, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our company. I sincerely hope we are able to provide you with whatever information you seek.
Ira Housing And Developments Pvt. Ltd. takes great pride in everything that we do, and the projects we have delivered are proud examples what can be achieved when brilliant minds come together, determined to make a difference to the world we live.

It’s people with qualities and character that translate wishes and dreams to concrete realities. Be it a product or service, they have no life without right people behind them. At Ira Housing And Development Pvt. Ltd. the quality of people has been integral to our real estate business. Our ethics and principles-centric leadership and teamwork allow us deliver you on our promises on a consistent basis. So, when you deal with Urban Estates you can be sure of quality, transparency, truthfulness, integrity and commitment. So we have, “real estate redefined” for our motto. Clearly, because as most would testify, most of the realty sector is infested with dishonest practices that bring great many losses and pains to a lot of hapless people. Ira Housing And Developments Pvt. Ltd. stays committed to be no part of it. Well, it took us these many words to assure you of what we are. Why don’t you give us an opportunity to prove my words? Look forward to hearing from you soon so as to serve you with our offerings.”


Sincerely Thankfull
Mr.Halim Hasan Khan